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Final Report

For the past 2 weeks, I have been researching on the problems while dealing with Database Versioning and the possible solutions while modifying the underlying schema and migrating the database. Problem Statement: Database is a critical part of any application. If you deploy ‘x’ version of the application against ‘y’ version of the database, ... Read more

Final Assignment

CSCI-B 649 - Topics in Systems - Advanced Science Gateway Architectures (Spring 2017) During my time in the course, I have worked on 2 main problems - Load Balancing the PHP Laravel Portal Data Management - Database Versioning My contributions in each of the above problems can be found on my blogs - CI CD Mechanism for the Laravel P... Read more

My Airavata Dev List Discussions

This entry contains my contributions to the Apache Airavata Dev Mailing List. Distributed Caching for Airavata Gateway Transaction Management Database Versioning in Airavata Read more

Assignment 5

Assignment 4 Continued.. How to manage incremental database changes? Modern ORMs like Hibernate make defining the schema and interacting with the data easier. But the job of migrating data from an old version to the latest version is still complicated. We need a tool that would help in finding the difference between what the current productio... Read more

Assignment 4

Problem Statement: Database versioning is the management and tracking of changes made to a database. All changes to scripts that define tables, procedures, triggers, views, indexes, sequences and other user defined objects are stored and versioned. Constraints: Tracking Database changes Supporting multiple developers Support branching a... Read more